Jeans remake!

Boro overalls making

My friend K is very into remaking jeans in traditional Japanese boro style. Boro is a kind of patchwork with rag and clothes to mend or make clothes in the past, but now become a cool fashion.

When I visited the Kumamoto Traditional Crafts Center, Kyushu in June, there was an exhibition by 綾の手紬染織工房, a century year old dye shop specializes in nature blue dye and silk weaving. I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful craftsmanship, but sadly I couldn’t afford to buy a bolt of fabric because everything in the shop is handmade by experienced weavers. I bought a few packs of rags instead, figuring that might be even better if I start my boro project since I just need a bit of this and that (and great gift for the K couple).

I bought a pair of secondhand overalls from Midwest, a famous vintage clothes store in Hong Kong after my trip to Japan. They were apparently being worn a lot and I am glad they are useful again. The pair was put aside until today; I finally decided to do something about it. I cut the overalls short and then started boro sewing.

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